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    Who is Dayan?

    The name "DAYAN" comes from the owner's middle name. After spending several hours of trying to think of something unique, the name just felt right and we ran with it.

    Our Mission

    Dayan Apparel Co. is a Christian clothing brand, created to give young believers something trendy to wear without compromising style, or what they stand for.

    Every design has a message that can be used as a conversation starter, or even as a tool for witnessing.

    Help us spread the word, and the love of Jesus Christ!


    We have been blessed to work with some of the most talented, and creative artists around.

    • Cedric Dancer // Photography // Dancer Media
    • Damian King // Graphic Design // DamianKing Art
    • Christopher Benotto // Graphic Design // Great Lakes Type Foundry
    • Justin Nottke // Graphic Design

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